It's Ballin' To Be a Nadz0r

I Fear the Crazed and Lonely Looks The Mirror's Sending Me These Days

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I am a hopeless dork. I am certifiably too angry for my own good. I hate the cold more than anything else. I'm all about the melody. I hate a lot of things, but I tell you what I do love, I love passionately. I stay up late too often. I wear too much eyeshadow - I dub the style 'lady boy'.

I run a community with astrovisionary called 1015saturday which really is about weekend posting and not a lot else. You should join.

My second community is wokthecasbah which is dedicated to cooking and all things food related. I love this community and have eaten some great meals as a result of it. I mod it along with smelsworst and becstar216.

Things I love the most in my life:
1. J
2. Basketball
3. Nikes
4. Karaoke
5. Scrabble

Class A dork alert!!

If you read
this regularly - please add me, just so I can see who's out there. I add all interesting journals. I keep the last two months of this as a mixture of public and friends only. Everything else is friends only. ♥
, 16-bit sega, 8-bit nintendo, 80s music, a-ha, adidas originals, adinads, alphaville, america's next top model, aphex twin, armin van buuren, art of trance, asymmetry, australia, backstreet boys, basketball, beading, beads, being big in japan, big hair, bjork, black eyeshadow, bloc party, boards of canada, bt, chanel, chiodo, clothes, cocteau twins, corey hart, cut copy, dave seaman, deep dish, depeche mode, digweed, donnie darko, duran duran, dylan moran, dymo labellers, east 17, echo and the bunnymen, electro, enjoy the silence, fashion, ferry corsten, four tet, gabriel and dresden, global underground, hating on high heels, hating on the wii, he's so froggy, hernan cattaneo, hoops, hybrid, iamx, ian mcculloch, jake gyllenhaal, japan, jody wisternoff, karaoke, kate bush, keroro, kitchenaid, ladytron, m.a.c, make up, making things, mandalay, max martin, melbourne, mercury rev, nadidas, new order, nick warren, nikes, nip/tuck, paul van dyk, perth, pet shop boys, photography, pop, pop confessions, prog, progressive house, pulp, real life, red + black, robert smith, robert smith's hair, sander kleinenberg, sasha, sasha + digweed, satoshi tomiie, sega genesis, sega mega drive, self-portraits, shiseido, shopping, sigur ros, singstar, siouxsie and the banshees, sleeping in, smintendo, smitten, sushi, sydney, taking pictures, tatu, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the cure, the faint, the mighty boosh, the organ, the postal service, tiesto, tiga, tim burton, tmnt, trance, trembling blue stars, vince noir, viva pinata, washi paper, way out west, whinging, xxoi

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